About One80 Law

One80 Law is a law firm for the modern age, and they have a brand new custom website! A cloud-based, Calgary law firm, forgoes the typical overhead costs of their peers to better suit the needs of individuals and businesses in need of proper legal consultation. What sets them apart is their mission to connect with their client–appointments are scheduled based on a client’s time, and meetings can be held anywhere since much of the legwork is done remotely.

How GrowME Marketing Helped

First impressions go a long way, especially in the digital age. Much like how One80 Law prices themselves in their accessibility, we have shaped their new custom website design to be just as accessible. The navigation is placed at the top and is visible and transparent enough for prospective clients to access.

At our digital marketing agency, GrowME has designed a custom website to not only create an appealing and efficient site but to also put emphasis on what sets them apart from other companies. We know how important it is to showcase a simple, yet eye-catching design that will make you remember the company; because at GrowME Marketing, we pride ourselves on helping clients succeed in their business.

Each service offered has an individual page dedicated to providing visitors with the information they need, in the easiest way through our handy graphic design team. Even the colours provide information: the muted red attracts attention and symbolizes importance, while the blue relays feelings of calmness. A balance of both colours makes the user experience less daunting when navigating the newly designed website.

It’s been a pleasure working with the One80 Law team and if you are looking to develop your companies own website or need help optimizing your social media marketing, get in touch with us today!

If you are looking for any legal advice, whether you’re searching for a real estate, family or corporate lawyer. The well-trained, highly-devoted and experienced team at One80 Law will provide you with the best services possible and will help you every step of the way. Contact One80 Law at (403) 462-5383 or send an email to [email protected]